A leader in cross-curricular, project-based curriculum, unit studies and resources for both children and adults.

What’s the difference between a LEARNER and a STUDENT?  A student is like a baby bird, waiting for someone to feed them knowledge.  A LEARNER is an explorer, resilient and seeking knowledge and experience for themselves.  At Exploring Expression, we are all about raising LEARNERS, not merely STUDENTS. We provide high quality books, curriculum and products designed to foster a love of the world and the people that live in it.

At Exploring Expression we believe that its crucial to speak to children on their level about social, emotional and mental health issues. We have a wide range of books, curriculum and products designed to foster positive mental and emotional health and acceptance in our children.  Many of our children’s books not only feature social-emotional learning (SEL) themes but also have cross-curricular unit studies that we have developed to extend the fun and educational value even further

Adult Resources

Household Management, Parenting and Self Improvement

In order to raise a learner, you must be a learner yourself.  As adults we learn every day how to grow closer to the BEST EXPRESSIONS of ourselves.  At Exploring Expression we provide books, curriculum, resources and services designed to help you become more effective and efficient with your time, energy and relationships.  We can help you become a better life learner so that you, in turn, can raise enthusiastic learners of your own.

Why Choose Exploring Expression?

Our books and resources are Adaptable across multiple ages.  Many of our products can be used across multiple ages and grades


We want to raise Learners, not merely Students.  We aim to raise children who are seekers.  They are resilient and learn how to find the answers they need to face the world.

We are dedicated to becoming our Best Expression

Our products for both kids and adults are designed to help you grow into the best version of yourself by becoming a lifelong learner.


We focus on products and resources that are Project or Unit Based. 

Check out some of our full curricula.  For our unit studies you can use one resource at a time or combine them into larger curricula for Even Better Value

LEARN how to embrace what life gives you.
TEACH your children according to your values.
GROW stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.
SHARE your passion with the world.

Learning about yourself and learning about the world. Self-improvement and education. Because in the end it all comes down to learning. Learning doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be boring. At Exploring Expression we want to help you put the Engagement and Excitement back into Education and to put the Education back into Life.