Educational Consulting

Our goal is to raise LEARNERS, not students.

Students wait to be taught, depend on others to determine what they need to know, and let others evaluate whether they have successfully learned the material.  Learners, on the other hand, are reaching out and seeking knowledge and experience.   Learners are explorers.  It is our job to set our children’s feet on the path of exploration.

As an educator of young learners, how do you instill a yearning for learning?  Whether a child participates in public school, private school, distance learning, co-op or homeschool, it is the parent who bears the privilege and responsibility of being their child’s FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT teacher.  It’s daunting when you think about it.  And that’s where Exploring Expression wants to help.

  • We start with a 15-minute FREE discovery session.  During this session we meet with you to discuss your goals for your children.
    • Are you looking to help a struggling student or develop a family learning environment?
    • Are you wanting help to develop lesson plans or fun ideas to stimulate the desire to dig further into topics?
    • Are you looking for specific tasks or assistance and encouragement for your own creativity?
  • Then we provide a custom offer for the consulting/coaching sessions you decide fit your needs.
  • We utilize our ever-growing team of expert educators to enhance our support that we provide to you.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.

Reach out to us and let us help you with the most important mission:  Growing learners who will carry their desire for knowledge and experience throughout the rest of their lives.