Just for Adults

How do we raise learners? It starts by being learners ourselves. We have a wide range of products just for you to help you manage your household and become your own best expression so that you are better equipped to make learning fun, easy and natural not just for your children but for yourself as well. Because you deserve it.

Tools For Your Household

Take a look at some of our resources designed to make the running of your household more effective and Efficient.
  • Household Management Binder

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The Household Management binder gives you a one stop shop – a single guide to the running of YOUR household it contains over 130 pages of guidance and forms for you to use to collect information important to the running and managing of your household
Our Household currency kits provide an educational alternative to allowances. This system mirrors real world economics in that both jobs and privileges have a value and a cost. Show your youngsters how to earn currency using chore charts and checklists.  Teach them how to make wise spending choices with prizes and rewards.
  • Household Currency

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Books to help you be your Best Expression

  • 90 Days to your Better Expression

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90 Days of prompts guide you as you journal your way through 3 stages of transformation

  • Evaluation – Where you begin by looking back so you can move forward
  • Evolution – Where you learn to grow into a better expression of yourself
  • Exploration – Where you move towards the future that you are meant to have.
The Learning House provides parents, home schoolers, and childcare providers a collection of fun-filled activities and interesting homemade games to develop reading and mathematics skills—all simply by utilizing the rooms of the house.
  • The Learning House

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  • Hearing is Not Enough: A Guide to being a Better Listener

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For relationships to grow and prosper, we must truly listen to each other. Through this book you will learn the answer to some essential questions related to communication and relationship building.