Publishing consulting & Coaching

Let us help you take your idea

from Fabulous to Finished!

  • Are you new author wondering how to get your manuscript into print?  
  • Do you have a great idea for publishing a book and don’t know where to start?  
  • Perhaps you have a book and want to create a great workbook or guided journal to go with it.
  • Or maybe you have an idea and need help getting it out of you and onto paper

Exploring Expression offers an avenue for new authors to get their books into print and on the market.  Self-publishing is a growing sector of the book writing world.  It allows new and unpublished talent to get noticed without investing a fortune or facing the harsh rejection of major publishing houses.   Through our coaching packages we can show you how to format your book and navigate the world of self-publishing.

Or perhaps you want to be able to just hand your baby off and trust that someone will take it across the finish line for you.  We can do that too.  We offer several publishing packages to help you reach your creative goals. 

Coaching Packages

  • Single Session $147 
  • 3 Session Package $375(a 15% savings) 
  • 6 sessions for $650 (a 25% savings) 


Publishing Packages


$ 997
(over $1600 worth of value!) 
  • Includes 6 coaching sessions (valued at $880) 
  • Includes manuscript review ($400) 
  • Includes digital proof review ($400) 
  • Additional coaching sessions offered at the discounted rate of $99 (a 50% savings) 


$ 1499
(over $5000 worth of value!) 
Best Value

Includes Everything in the standard option plus: 

  • Registered ISBN for print book (value: $125) 
  • Register ISBN for Ebook (value $125) 
  • Include formatting for print ($2000) 
  • Includes full publishing services of print and ebook under EE umbrella.  Sold on Amazon and EE website (under general consignment agreement) (Value $1000) 
  • Includes 1 proof and 5 author copies (value $75) 
  • Includes creation of (3) digital marketing materials suitable for posting on social media (value $300) 
  • Additional coaching sessions offered at the discounted rate of $99 (a 50% savings) 

Exploring Expression only accepts books and ideas that fit into the learning lifestyle model.