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Books For Children

Whether reading picture books to your youngest learners or encouraging older kids to explore the world through books, Exploring Expression wants to give you products that help you stimulate the your children’s love of reading and learning.


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  • Bam Roberts


    An early chapter book written and illustrated by Birdie and Bam Chesson

    No one told me that life as a kid was so hard!

    I had a great summer, but then everything changed when my parents started arguing.  Me and my sister got a big surprise on the first day of school.

    Now the biggest kid of all is a real pain.

    Then something happened where we live and we can’t even go back home.

    I was so excited for school to start.  But no one told me that life as a kid was so hard!

  • Dandelion’s Magic Activity Book


    DOWNLOADABLE and HARD COPY versions available

    The Dandelion’s Magic activity book is packed full of fun and learning activities to enhance your book experience!  It includes pages that address every many subject areas in an engaging and exciting way.  Special sections include the All About Flowers pack and Spanish/English Word Pairs language section.

  • Dandelion’s Magic

  • Dandelion’s Magic Spanish


    Meet Dandelion – a Wild Flower searching for a purpose.

    If kisses are wishes when the west winds blow
    You carry love wherever you go
    With rainbows and dreams and a gentle blow
    The magic comes in and off you go.

  • I am Loving the Skin that I’m In


    Written and illustrated by Birdie Chesson.

    Black is Beautiful! But what if your black skin is different?  Meet three young Black girls who are learning to love the skin that they are in.  Self Love is the BEST Love!

    Features: Albinism, Vitiligo and Colorism.

  • Sale!

    Kenny’s Favorite Jokes: CracKEN you Up

    $19.95 $12.50

    By Kenny Rochon III and his daddy

    Kenny says, “This is my book and it is funny, and if you laugh, you should buy one. And if you like people to laugh you should buy one for every person you know. They will like you more and will probably even hug you. Laughter is the best medicine for a life of happiness and joy. I always say, ‘A day without sunshine is like … night’. My Daddy thinks I am one of the funniest people in our home. He should know, I live with him and I know humor like the back of my hand. In fact I would say I know humor so much, that I consider myself not only humorous, but actually hysterical. Thanks for supporting future comedians. For every dollar I raise for this book, I will put it in my bank… and you can take that to the bank… I mean my bank… that will save me a trip. Well my hands are getting tired writing, my fingers are tired of typing, so that must mean this back cover is done. That’s All Folks!”

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    Kenny’s Favorite Things

    $19.95 $12.50

    by Ken Rochon Jr

    Kenny’s Favorite Things is a story perfect for sharing with your kids, describing the fun and quirky antics in the day of a boy and his dad.  It is also unique example of how parents can capture their children’s the special games, habits, and personalities through their own books of favorite things.

  • Little Lion Makes a Roar


    Written by Brandy Champeau.  Illustrated by Hatice Bayramoglu

    A darling story about Little Lion, a sad superhero.  He can’t make a super roar.  See how his super friends help Little Lion to overcome his anxiety and save the playground from the Meanies.

  • Little Lion Makes a Roar Coloring and Activity Book


    Little Lion Makes a Roar Activity and Coloring Book  compliments the picture book by the same name.  Little Lion may be anxious about learning how to roar, but now kids can help him and so much more.  This activity book lets kids help Little Lion as they color and learn through math, language arts, social studies and science activities and coloring pages.  Kids will learn about lions and owls, complete story comprehension pages, work fun math pages with the characters of the book, and discover ways that they can be superheros.

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    Making Friends Around The World

    $24.95 $22.50

    By Ken Rochon Jr

    A delightful way for children and adults to learn 10 of the most popular languages in the world. Whether you travel or want your children to be more globally aware and competitive in an ever changing world, his book makes learning languages fun.  Through children from 10 different countries, Making Friends Around the World introduces both kids and their parents to simple phrases they would want to know in order to make friends everywhere.

  • My Feelings Journal


    This Feelings Journal is just like the one Virginia Opossum’s teacher gives Virginia to help her work through all her feelings.  Now your child can have a feeling journal just like Virginia’s.  Your child can tell what happened, name the feeling that resulted, and color a picture of the feeling.  Children can use it to pretend they are part of Virginia’s class at school.  Parents can use it as a tool to help their children learn about emotions.

  • Terrence the Saddest Stallion


    Terrence is a very sad stallion. This makes the Rancher worried. How can he help his friend? Luckily, little Misty Ray knows just what to do!

    This shows how a child can help when a loved one is dealing with the blues