Career Spotlight Explorations


by Brandy Champeau and Nancy Holt.

A 36 week Career Exploration Course designed for students exploring pathways for their future.  Half guidebook, half workbook, Career Spotlight Explorations highlights 36 different careers in a variety of career fields. This course is filled with websites and videos for the learners to do their own research. They’ll examine what type of education is needed for the different careers, some of the various jobs within the field, salary potential, and examples of career progression.  It the learner will reflect on what their perception of the positive and negative aspects of the career and whether they think it may or may not be an option for them.  Career Spotlight Explorations is a valuable tool for expanding your awareness and exposure to the many exciting prospects for your future career choices.


Examples of careers covered in this book:

      • Cartographer
      • Geologist
      • Environmental Engineer
      • Statistician
      • Anthropologist
      • Linguist
      • Politician



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