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Whether you are looking for fun activities for you and your learners, wanting gifts to accompany the new books we offer, or just want to tell the world you are the best expression of yourself, we have a variety of products to fulfill your needs.


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  • Household Currency

    • The Educational Alternative to Allowances
    • This system mirrors real world economics in that both jobs and privileges have a value and a cost. Show your youngsters how to earn currency using chore charts and checklists.  Teach them how to make wise spending choices with prizes and rewards.
    • For children ready to work on more intrinsic motivators, let them earn Character Dollars
    • Can be used to illustrate a wide range of academic topics including Math, Economics and Home Economics.
    • Set includes both the currency and a book of ideas to help make it work in YOUR household.
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  • Household Management Binder


    by Brandy Champeau and Nancy Holt

    • Over 130 pages of guidance and forms for you to use to collect information important to the running and managing of your household.
    • You’ll find places to record emergency information, tips for dad to use when mom is away, and handy references for the babysitter or grandma—and even for the pet sitter!
    • Keep track of
      • vaccinations,
      • clothing sizes,
      • favorite meals,
      • budgets, and
      • emergency phone numbers.
    • Assign chores to household members and include what your expectations are for a job well done.
    • Extra blank forms are included for additional information. And when you need such information in a hurry, you’ll know right where to find it.
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  • My Feelings Journal


    This Feelings Journal is just like the one Virginia Opossum’s teacher gives Virginia to help her work through all her feelings.  Now your child can have a feeling journal just like Virginia’s.  Your child can tell what happened, name the feeling that resulted, and color a picture of the feeling.  Children can use it to pretend they are part of Virginia’s class at school.  Parents can use it as a tool to help their children learn about emotions.

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