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My name is

Brandy Champeau.

Speaker – Writer – Curriculum Developer

I provide adults the tools they need that embolden and empower them to become the best expression of themselves
Through my presentations I can help you get more out of yourself and more out of your days. I do this by showing you how to become a lifelong learner that is focused and intentional in the steps you take towards your goals and dreams.

About Brandy

Brandy Champeau is a speaker, writer, curriculum developer and all around lover of learning. She has a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a master’s degree in Administrative Studies/Project management. In addition to that, she holds a graduate certificate in conflict and dispute resolution and is a trained Stephens Minister. She is a voracious writer with a love of words. Her entire adult life has been spent practicing and perfecting her listening, writing, speaking and teaching skills. Brandy has worked with and developed curriculum for diverse populations from preschoolers to college classes to government agencies to professional groups.

Brandy lives with her children in sunny Coastal Georgia. In her free time, she enjoys supporting her local theater, making educational jewelry and playing the handbells.

What is Your Best Expression?

Living your best expression is about more than just happiness. It is about being the best version of your authentic self. It is about understanding your resources and making the best use of them to do more and be more.

Being Effective

Is what you’re doing working? Are you ordering your steps for success or for struggle?

Being Efficient

How well do you understand the processes that run your day? Remember, small changes can have big results.

Being Adventurous

Is what you’re doing working? Are you ordering your steps for success or for struggle?

Being Balanced

When you think about your dreams, goals and plans have you scheduled in self care?


Check out some of my most popular topics!!

Maximizing Your Effectiveness: Making the Most of Your Time

Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day — not enough for you to complete all you have to do, let alone work toward your dreams and goals. It takes more than just hope to turn a dream into reality. In this session, I will show how you can make the jump from dreaming to doing by being more intentional with everyday activities. You will leave with concrete tips and tricks that you can implement right away to begin maximizing your effectiveness so that you can do the things that you need to do AND the things that you want to do without feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

The Learning Lifestyle: Creating a Culture of Growth

A successful team will never grow from a stagnant pool. Therefore effective leaders must first be effective learners. In this motivational presentation, you will learn the traits that make up a learning lifestyle and how to nurture those traits first in yourself and then in those around you. I will show how to stay thirsty for knowledge and how to recognize and embrace the many learning opportunities around you so that your entire team can grow and flourish.

Survival Strategies for When Life Isn’t Fair

Have you ever felt like life has chewed you up and spit you out? Or perhaps you’re standing on the precipice of a new beginning and worried about navigating unfamiliar waters. As someone who has been through homelessness, divorce, discouragement, and despair I have gone through the fires of life and come out whole on the other side. This uplifting presentation will provide more than just a motivational boost. I will give you an actionable strategy on how to start the journey up from wherever you are and, once started, how to stay on the path.