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  • A First Look at the Scientific Method (Downloadable)



    A first look at the Scientific method is a mini unit that introduces children to the steps of the scientific method process.

    Not only does this packet include engaging worksheets that review the scientific method, but it also includes an introductory lab that illustrates the scientific method and a lab report worksheet set that can be copied and used with future experiments.

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  • Bullseye


    A STEM Authenticated game for children 7 and above.  Great game for family game night or gameschooling.  

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  • Bullseye Fraction Traction


    Engage your mathematical mind to explore all the possibilities with this game from JEM Games.  Simply roll the 12 sided die to get your Bullseye number.  Then using the numbers from six standard dice to make number sentences that equal the Bullseye number.   Earn points for each number sentence found.  But the trick is that you’ll be using fractions. Have fun while practicing fraction equivalents, and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

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  • Career Spotlight Explorations


    by Brandy Champeau and Nancy Holt.

    A 36 week Career Exploration Course designed for students exploring pathways for their future.  Half guidebook, half workbook, Career Spotlight Explorations highlights 36 different careers in a variety of career fields. This course is filled with websites and videos for the learners to do their own research. They’ll examine what type of education is needed for the different careers, some of the various jobs within the field, salary potential, and examples of career progression.  It the learner will reflect on what their perception of the positive and negative aspects of the career and whether they think it may or may not be an option for them.  Career Spotlight Explorations is a valuable tool for expanding your awareness and exposure to the many exciting prospects for your future career choices.

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  • Fiction Literary Analysis Packet (Downloadable)


    by Brandy Champeau


    • This packet covers everything that you would need for any novel study. It includes:
      • A Retell Booklet for students to create as they read the book as well as
      • An Author Activity.
      • Characterization activities
      • Theme activities
      • Making connections activities
      • Plot activities
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  • John Adams Miniseries Video Review Questions (Downloadable)

    Discussion and Review Questions for All 7 Episodes of the HBO
    Miniseries “John Adams”.
    This packet also includes teacher answer key.
    Grade Levels:
    6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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  • Multiplication and Division Fact Families (Downloadable)



    • Help your learners practice Multiplication/Division fact fluency with these fact family packets.
    • The packet includes include 115 pages of fact family house practice for each family from one through 12. There are towers of practice problems at the end of each family and review garden worksheets from all the families.
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  • My Australia and Oceana Geography Factbook (Downloadable)


    by Brandy Champeau


    • A comprehensive keepsake study guide created by you as you learn all about the wonderful continents, oceans, countries and wonders that make up our world. Each book contains ideas to facilitate your own research into every country of the world, learning about its terrain, major biomes, exports, fauna, and other fun facts.
    • Adaptable for all ages from elementary through adult
    • Each book is packed with extensive lists
      • Suggested books,
      • Movies,
      • YouTube videos
      • Board games and other types of games


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  • Pedro’s Journal Unit Novel Study


    This Book Unit Study for Pam Conrad’s historical fiction book, Pedro’s Journal. This story chronicles a young man’s voyage with Christopher Columbus.

    Book Unit Study packets are a great way to get your younger learners started in reading both fiction and nonfiction. This unit study includes a wide variety of activities to support and enhance the reading experience.

    • Learning Experiences Include:
      • Chapter reviews,
      • Pre-reading activities,
      • Composition activities,
      • Dozens of fun extension activities.
    • Also includes answer sheets.

    Recommended Grades:  3rd-6th, homeschool

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  • Picture Book Analysis for Older Students (Downloadable)

    • Older students can benefit greatly in reading picture books. This packet guides older students through the analysis of a picture book.  Activities included
      • Analyzing the Cover
      • Analyzing the Text
      • Literary Devices Activity
      • Analyzing the Artistic Medium
      • Analyzing the Illustrations
      • Making Connections
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