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Exploring Expression is not just about kids! We want to help adults become the best expression of themselves so they can foster a learning lifestyle for themselves as well as their children.


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  • 90 Days to your Better Expression


    by Brandy Champeau

    Become a Better You in just 90 days.

    • 90 Days of prompts guide you as you journal your way through 3 stages of transformation
      • Evaluation – Where you begin by looking back so you can move forward
      • Evolution – Where you learn to grow into a better expression of yourself
      • Exploration – Where you move towards the future that you are meant to have.
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  • Choices – The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom


    by J.E. Laufer

    Choices- The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom

    • Specially written for the young adult/adult audience this is an award- winning true story of a young family that escapes Hungary in 1956 when it was occupied by Communist Russia.
    • This young adult historical fiction novel is an engaging unforgettable story of bravery, courage and human resilience.
    • Special focus
      • Cold War Era Hungary
    “This is a remarkable story and engaging true story of courage, hope, and perseverance.”  ~ Gerda Weissmann Klein, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
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  • Establishing Healthy Relationships for the Developmentally Disabled


    by Andrea Adams Miller

    • An International Authority on Healthy Relationships presents top strategies for conflict resolution for parents, health practitioners, and care providers of the developmentally disabled.
    • You will discover
      • Keys to establishing a healthy relationship between you and your patient or loved one
      • Tips to aid in teaching healthy relationships to those for whom you provide care.
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  • Hearing is Not Enough: A Guide to being a Better Listener


    by Brandy Champeau and Nancy Holt

    When was the last time you really felt listened to? Even more important, when was the last time you listened to someone else?  Think about the relationships in your life.  How many times have conflicts and arguments arisen because of a simple breakdown in communication?

    • For relationships to grow and prosper, we must truly listen to each other. Through this book you will learn the answer to some essential questions related to communication and relationship building:
      • Am I listening as often as I should?
      • Am I listening as effectively as I could?
      • How can I improve my listening so that I can improve my relationships?
    • This book is suitable for high school through adults
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  • Household Currency

    • The Educational Alternative to Allowances
    • This system mirrors real world economics in that both jobs and privileges have a value and a cost. Show your youngsters how to earn currency using chore charts and checklists.  Teach them how to make wise spending choices with prizes and rewards.
    • For children ready to work on more intrinsic motivators, let them earn Character Dollars
    • Can be used to illustrate a wide range of academic topics including Math, Economics and Home Economics.
    • Set includes both the currency and a book of ideas to help make it work in YOUR household.
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  • Household Management Binder


    by Brandy Champeau and Nancy Holt

    • Over 130 pages of guidance and forms for you to use to collect information important to the running and managing of your household.
    • You’ll find places to record emergency information, tips for dad to use when mom is away, and handy references for the babysitter or grandma—and even for the pet sitter!
    • Keep track of
      • vaccinations,
      • clothing sizes,
      • favorite meals,
      • budgets, and
      • emergency phone numbers.
    • Assign chores to household members and include what your expectations are for a job well done.
    • Extra blank forms are included for additional information. And when you need such information in a hurry, you’ll know right where to find it.
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  • Keep Smiling: D.O.S.E of Hope


    We have been given a gift, a natural D.O.S.E. (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) of chemicals and neuro-transmitters in our brains that are induced by smiles.  This book features Heroes of Hope, those who exemplify living a life through faith, hope, patience and persistence.  No matter what page you open to this 800-page mini cube of Hope, you will find the personal story of a leader with a big heart.

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  • The Learning House


    by Dr. Sheila Sapp

    • The Learning House provides parents, home schoolers, and childcare providers a collection of fun-filled activities and interesting homemade games to develop reading and mathematics skills—all simply by utilizing the rooms of the house.
    • Ordinary household rooms are converted into vibrant, exciting, and realistic learning laboratories for 3- to 7-year-old children.
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  • The Science of Smiles: The Chemistry & Psychology of Happiness


    by Ken Rochon\

    • This book is the access to the LIFE GIFT OF LOVE THROUGH THE BIOCHEMICAL POWER OF SMILES! Through this book you will learn that joy, happiness, and peace are a possibility by choice through exercises, habits, and mindset shifts that are easier than you can imagine.
    • This book is suitable for high school through adults
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