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Books For Adults


Exploring Expression is not just about kids! We want to help adults become the best expression of themselves so they can foster a learning lifestyle for themselves as well as their children.


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  • 100 Things I Didn’t Know Before Journal


    Now I know what I didn’t before.

    Now I grow just a little bit more.

    Take the first step on the path to a Learning Lifestyle by filling the pages of this journal with 100 new facts, ideas or insights as you discover them.  This journal is filled with inspirational quotes to help you on your way.

  • 90 Days to your Better Expression


    Become a Better You in just 90 days.

    90 daily prompts guide you as you journal your way through 3 stages of transformation:

    • Evaluation — where you begin by looking back so you can move forward
    • Evolution — were you learn to grow into a better expression of yourself
    • Exploration — where you move towards the future that you are meant to have.
  • Hearing is Not Enough: A Guide to being a Better Listener


    by Brandy Champeau and Nancy Holt

    When was the last time you really felt listened to? Even more important, when was the last time you listened to someone else?  Think about the relationships in your life.  How many times have conflicts and arguments arisen because of a simple breakdown in communication?

    Hearing is Not Enough is your guide to being a better listener.  Through this book you will answer some essential questions to communication and relationship building.  First and foremost, how can I improve my listening so that I can improve my relationships?

  • The Learning House