Meet Bird and Bam Chesson

Birdie and Bam Chesson are a Mother-Son team of Co-Authors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.


Bam Chesson is also an Animator that uses StickNodes Technology and is working on a video gaming app. He also sells anime-related merchandise in his own store, the Bird Bam Shop under his label, The Bam Chesson Bundle.


Birdie Chesson is a Book Coach, teaching thousands of people how to write their own books, along with Lifestyle Coaching in the Self-Help/Self Love genres through her books and course curriculum. “Change your Mind, Change Your Life” is the underlying thread in all of Miss Birdie‘s Books publications. Her hope is that when people address their relationships within themselves, how they relate to the world is better, to help change the world, one mindset at a time.
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