Meet Dr. Sheila Sapp

Sheila E. Sapp is a former educator and school administrator with over 40 years of experience dedicated to working with children, parents/caregivers, teachers, and school leaders. She began her educational career as a first grade teacher and has served as an instructional supervisor, a middle school reading teacher, assistant principal, principal, elementary curriculum director, pre-school director, testing coordinator K-12, adjunct college instructor, a college supervisor, author, and motivational speaker.

Dr. Sapp began creating and designing instructional learning activities to meet the individual needs of her reading students as a reading specialist (K-5) for the Camden City Public Schools in New Jersey before relocating to Georgia in June 1979.
At the urging of her daughter, Dr. Sapp authored a parent handbook,”The Learning House“, consisting of easy-to-do instructional activities using rooms in the house as vibrant learning laboratories. Currently, Sheila Sapp resides in Woodbine, Georgia with her husband, Everette.