Virginia Opossum’s Pouch Bundle


Get Virginia Opossum’s Pouch picture book, coloring and activity book (paper version), and feelings journal as a complete set for a single discounted price. Virginia Opossum’s Pouch a book lets your children know that it’s ok to have a lot of feelings.  The Coloring and Activity Book is packed full of fun and learning activities to help children recognize and work through feelings.   The Feelings Journal is just like the one Virginia Opossum’s teacher gives Virginia to help her work through all her feelings.  Children can use it to pretend they are part of Virginia’s class at school.  Parents can use it as a tool to help their children talk about emotions.


Virginia Opossum’s Pouch

  • A heartwarming story about all of the feelings that follow trauma and the many ways to deal with them.
  • By Brandy Champeau
  • Social Emotional/Mental Health Focus
    • PTSD
    • Trauma
  • Learning Concepts
    • Use of word art aids in sight word recognition and early reading comprehension

Virginia Activity Book

  • Math
    • Graphing
    • Beginning algebraic concepts
  • Science/Social Studies
    • All about Opossums packet
    • All about Squirrels packet
    • Career highlight – Teacher
    • Fire Safety packet
  • Language Arts
    • Story comprehension packet
    • Puppet templates
    • Word Search

My Feeling Journal

A spiral journal for your children to express what they are feeling today.  Just like the one Virginia Opossum’s teacher gives to her.


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