Keeping Thanks in Thanksgiving Day

It’s hard to believe that we are about to soon embark on one of our most celebrated holidays-Thanksgiving.  There’s no doubt that it’s going to look and be different for families all over the world this year.  How have you celebrated Thanksgiving with your family in the past? What will you do differently this year to ensure safety for family, friends and loved ones? Have you started your plans for this holiday already?

The Pandemic does not negate the fact that we still have a lot to be thankful for. Despite the limits you have to adhere to as a result of COVID-19, families can still design and create new ways to celebrate and acknowledge their thanks by implementing new traditions and activities that can be enjoyed by all. In order to start on this new journey, it’s important that you are willing to accept the following proposed basic principles presented;

  1. Safety is a major priority for your household.
  2. Social distancing and wearing masks are necessary for the overall health well-being of others.
  3. It is important to look out for and consider others as well as yourself.

Exactly, how do you introduce a new Thanksgiving tradition for your family?  Is there a perfect time to begin?  My recommendation is to start now and use a family meeting as the format for your discussion. It is important, however,  that you are positive and honest about the limitations and/or challenges they may face as a family to have a safe enjoyable Thanksgiving. Listed below are recommended procedures to follow to have an effective family meeting.

  • Involve all family members in the discussion and decision-making process.
  • Refrain from criticizing the ideas and suggestions presented.
  • Present the pros and cons of all options considered.
  • Be open to new ideas and/or traditions.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Listen attentively while others are speaking.

Thanksgiving may look a little different this year but make sure your children continue to give thanks as they have in the past. Children may do the following activities to give and share their “Thanks” this Thanksgiving.

  1. Make Thanksgiving Day cards to put in their neighbors’ mailboxes and send cards to family members.
  2. Make a Hand Thanksgiving Turkey*
  3. Name five things he/she is thankful for.*
  4. Draw a picture of what he/she wants to have for their Thanksgiving Day dinner.*
  5. See how many words they can make using the letters in the word, Thanksgiving.
  6. Write and share what Thanksgiving means to them.
  7. Help plan the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. Design and create a Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table.
  9. Draw/design a turkey using shapes-circles, ovals, triangles, and diamonds.
  10. Count the number of plates, forks, spoons, glasses, etc. needed to set the table.*


*These activities are found in “The Learning House” parent resource book now available for purchasing on the EE Shopping page.

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